Demand for AWS talent outpaces Azure, Google Cloud: reportDemand for AWS talent outpaces Azure, Google Cloud: report


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IT leaders are eight times more likely to search for experts with AWS skills than Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, according to data from Hired’s State of Software Engineers 2021 report, published Wednesday. The report examined thousands of candidate interview requests and salary data.
Redux.js, Google Cloud, React.js and AWS skills top the list of most in-demand coding skills, according to the report.
Demand for cloud skills grew as most companies turned to the cloud to uphold operations. Nine in 10 organizations say they increased their cloud workloads and use of machine learning technologies in 2020.

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Demand for cloud skills already ran high before the pandemic. But an increased reliance on software to solve complex business problems put additional strain on the supply.

Among cloud vendors, AWS continues to rule the field, though other providers are closing the gap. Amazon’s solution is in place at 76% of cloud adopters, according to Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud report. Closely trailing behind is Microsoft Azure, with 63% of businesses, and Google Cloud Platform.

Amazon is aware of the demand for cloud engineers. At the end of last year it announced an initiative to upskill 29 million people worldwide by 2025. Alongside dozens of two- and four-year colleges, the company has also advanced AWS certifications.

Expanding training helps create a bigger talent pool in the tech industry. It also helps reduce friction for prospective customers, as eight in 10 cloud leaders say lack of internal skills hinders successful cloud deployments, according to A Cloud Guru’s State of Cloud Learning report.

With cloud roles among the top tech positions in high demand, companies are adjusting their strategies to compete. Employers are infusing their talent attraction practices with creativity, while adapting them to source from broader talent pools free from geographic restraints.

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