Defined Kubernetes in Praful words!!!

What is Kubernetes:
Kubernetes is born in google and later purchased by cncf and has a wide community support.
Its a container orchestration which manages containers.
helps provisioning and deployment of containers in pods.
helps ensuring containers are up and running at all times through health checks.
ensures all the pods are functioning properly by distributing load evenly between them.
provides self-healing / auto-scaling capabilities.
Provides cluster capabilities for High availability of kubernetes master.
it provides 4 major components which helps control plane manages all worker nodes
Kubernetes works on Master-Slaves concept where master is called control plane and slaves are called worker nodes
it works on the concepts on treat containers are kettle and ensures instanciate new containers instead of fixing faulr ones
it has both imperative and declarative kind of scripting available for instanciating various kinds of objects
Declarative scripting is where we define the desired state.
imperative scripting where we have to define what and how it needs to be done.

Why Kubernetes:
To manage containers as it is difficult to manage containers throughout its lifecycle.
It has wide community base which helps to get integrated with wide variety of tools
Kubernetes is container orchestration to manage the containers throughout its lifecycle.
it helps to consistency scale env across development testing and production
it helps to setup reialble infrastruture.
Auto scalable infrastruture.

what is pod?
atomic deployable unit
group of one or more containers
contains kubelet, runtime engine and kube-proxy
can contain main and side car containers
can create using declarative and imperative scripts

How kubernetes works?
it has various components:
controller, api-server, scheduler and etcd
etcd – key/vaule store
api-server – api for all inbound and outbound communication.
schedules – helps in scheduling pods to worker nodes
controller – helps in controlling / manage replica-set, daemonset, deployments and other objects in workker nodes.