Defined Kubernetes in Abhishek’s words!!!

Q: What is Kubernetes?

A: Kubernetes is open source container orchestration tool, which helps to manage and automate multiple process for container management, K8s has changed the way we use to work on servers operating system, According to some experts it’s a new Server OS and replacement of Linux. But in my word K8s is just a container manager which is created integrating multiple components. It’s agile, highly scalable easy to manage and deploy.

Q. Why Kubernetes?

A. There are many reasons to use K8s and couple of them are listed here:

  1. Easy to deploy
  2. 2. Easy to maintain
  3. Highly Scalable
  4. Open source
  5. Agile
  6. Secure
  7. Inexpensive (in-terms of resource and maintaince both)
  8. Reliable
  9. Great accessibility
  10. Great automation features.
  11. Bonus point: because it’s beautiful and everyone loves it 🙂

Q. All Component of Kubernetes

A. Kubernetes has total 7 major components which are divided into Node and Control Plane:


kube proxy
container runtime

Q. What is a pod?

A. Pod is the smallest working unit of a Kubernetes cluster and this is pod who takes the request process them and send responces back to cluster components. we imagine it like a miniature of a operating system and it consists and run only the mandatory and most important libraries which needs to run to the application in the pod. one pod is independent from other pods by it’s default nature and it has it’s own CPU, memory and others resources which are allocated by underline hardware.