Day1 – SRE Test – answer – Manish

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  1. Define SRE in your own Words- 2
  • Lines To solve the repetitive Operation task by do automation.

2. Define 3-4 bullets points on migrating process of Ops to SRE?

  • First check the SLA for particular task then calculate the frequency of task.
  • After that define the SLO for the task with consideration of SLA.
  • Start working on the task and finish and measure the SLI for success factor.

3. 3 Charactertics to identify Toil in SRE

  • First check the frequency of the any task or error in a day/month.
  • Then check is there any API or possibility of automation, it yes then we can declare it a toil.
  • Also we will check the time taken by particular task on basis of that we can tell the priority of toil.

4. 1 line explanation of SLI – SLO and SLA

  • SLI – Actual matrix for task done after completion of deadline.
  • SLO – Planned matrix of task for a time period / deadline.
  • SLA – Committed matrix to the client.
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