Day 4-Assignment by Dasari Sowmya

1) What is terraform?

Terraform is a provisioning declarative tool that based on Infrastructure as a Code Paradigm. It is written in Golang. It is a open source. Owned by Hashicorp company. It is a multipurpose composition tool to composes multiple tiers (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS) and a plugin-based architecture model.

See the source image

2)One example terraform program

using github as a provider

provider “github” {

token=”github personal access token XXXXXXX”


resource “github_repository” “example” {
name = “example”
description = “My awesome codebase”

visibility = “public”

3)List of 5 terraform commands and its use

  • terraform init : this command is used for initializing a working directory containing Terraform configuration files
  • terraform plan : show changes required for current configuration
  • terraform apply: create or update infrastructure/resource.
  • terraform show: show the current state.
  • terraform destroy: destroy previously created resources/infrastructure.
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