Day-3: 3.What are the component of Kubernetes worker node and explain each component’s functions

a) Kubelete

  • Main Kubernetes agent
  • Registers node with cluster (decide who is the master node)
  • Watches api server
  • Instantiates the pods ( not creating the pod)
  • Reports back to master
  • Expose endpoint on 10255

b) kube-proxy

  • Manages the kubernetes networking
    • Assigning pod IP address (indirectly)
    • All containers in a pod share a single IP
    • Load balances across all pods in service
  • Can use different network plugins/drivers like calico (CNI plugins)

c) Container Engine

  • Container Management
    • Pulling images
    • start/stop the containers
  • Pluggable
    • can use any container runtime like docker, containerd etc.
    • default docker