Day-3: 2.What are the components of Kuberentes master and explain each component’s functions

a) kube-apiserver

  • Server of Api’s
  • Front end to the Master Node
  • Any request from Inside or outside the kubernetes is received by API server
  • Exposes the REST API
  • Consumes JSON (via manifest file)

b) Cluser store

  • Persist storage for cluster state and config
  • Uses etcd to manage

c) Kube-Controller-Manager

  • Manager/Controller of Controllers such as Node Controller, Endpoint controller, Namespace controller etc
  • Watches the changes in API Server
  • Helps maintain the desired state

d) Kube-scheduler

  • Watches apiserver for new pods
  • Schedule Pods
  • Assigns work to nodes
  • Respect constrains

e) kubectl

  • Communicate to Kube-apiserver using JSON
  • Can give desired state of container/pod in YAML/JSON