Cybersecurity 2021: Are You Really Prepared for a Cyberattack?


As the majority of businesses are increasingly moving to the online world, employees keep working remotely and more cyberattacks keep happening all over the globe, there is no doubt that embracing DevSecOps should be the new normal for every company. Organizations need to be able to adopt DevSecOps practices and adapt to new and evolving threats in order to protect their data and systems from malicious attacks.

At Cybersecurity 2021: The New Normal Virtual Summit, taking place March 4 and 5, the brightest minds in the security and IT industry will come together to discuss new security threats, empower DevOps teams with the latest security tools and provide practical tips and guidance to help developers and ops teams make the right security decisions to keep their data secure.

The two-day virtual event features thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities and educational sessions focused on:

DevSecOps tools and practices
The main challenges of security and development teams when it comes to AppSec
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Passwordless and the long-term future of identity management
Policy-as-Code and how it impacts security
How security threats changed with COVID-19 and what to expect in 2021
How to manage AppSec
How to mitigate API vulnerabilities
How to break the silos and advance towards DevSecOps maturity
How to expand your security program through low-to-no cost initiatives
Time series database for security monitoring
Machine identity management
Top 10 Hacks From the Past Decade
Runtime observability techniques for security and compliance
Securing AWS credentials on DevOps machines
Cybersecurity 2021 features an outstanding lineup of industry leaders, including:

Ira Winkler, author and president at Secure Mentem
Chenxi Wang, founder and general partner at Rain Capital
Ron Gula, president at Gula Tech Adventures
Richard Stiennon, founding member of The Analyst Syndicate and chief research analyst at IT-Harvest
Joe Levy, CTO at Sophos
Rajat Bhargava, founder and CEO at JumpCloud
Myla Pilao, head of security research communications for TrendLabs at Trend Micro
Upasna Gupta, senior product marketing manager for Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks
Julian Waits, general manager of cyber business unit and public sector at Devo
Joseph Feiman, chief strategy officer at WhiteHat Security
Ian Murphy, founder and CEO at CyberOff
Mike Jones, security researcher at H4unt3d Hacker Podcast
Rhys Arkins, director of product management at WhiteSource
TJ Jermoluk, co-founder and CEO at Beyond Identity
Jim Ducharme, general manager of the anti-fraud business unit at RSA
Attendees will have the chance to enter a raffle for a chance to win a free copy of “You can Stop Stupid” by Ira Winkler and another one for a free copy of “Security Yearbook 2020” by Richard Stiennon. There will be valuable resources available for download and attendees will be able to interact with sponsors to learn more about their security tools and services.

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