Cutover’s IT Work Orchestration and Observability Platform Is Now Available in AWS Marketplace

SaaS solution helps regulated Financial Institutions gain visibility, track IT tasks during cloud migrations and simplify reporting to regulators

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cutover, an IT Work Orchestration and Observability SaaS platform helping organizations accelerate their migration to the cloud with operational resiliency, announced today that it is available for procurement and provisioning in AWS Marketplace. Cutover enables fast and flexible migration to the cloud by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform. Cutover is trusted by a number of Fortune 500 companies for their migration projects to the cloud.

Many large enterprise IT and Financial compliance and resilience teams are using older, on-premises, IT project tools that are inflexible, don’t scale, don’t integrate with machine automation activities and require high maintenance. Many of those tools are also not designed to accommodate Financial Services industry resilience planning and operations. As companies move their applications to the cloud, those older systems become a constraint on innovation, productivity, and agility. Cutover offers a modern, scalable SaaS service for IT Remote Team Orchestration, which allows virtual teams in multiple locations to orchestrate their projects and tasks in real-time, across remote workforces distributed around the globe. The customizable user interface makes it easy for a large company to flexibly describe and map their changing application portfolio, and associated projects, by business unit and cost center, making visibility and reporting easy and personalized to the executive who needs to know project and team progress.

“Cutover and AWS play a critical role in the delivery of our key cloud program at Barclays,” said Will Westwick, CTO of Enterprise Technology at Barclays. “Cutover is enabling us to realize our strategic migration goals while ensuring operational resilience reporting and playbook invocation, which is an indication of their commitment to supporting our business.”

“In these challenging times we remain focused on helping our clients to remotely orchestrate some of their most critical work. Making our solution available in AWS Marketplace reduces effort for customers to initiate new contracts, and to renew, expand, or upgrade their terms. It also makes it easier for AWS sales teams to introduce us to new clients and collaborate with Cutover to solve customer needs together. We are humbled by the words of thanks sent across to us by our existing Financial Institution customers as they use us to execute critical work during moves of their staffs to working from home unexpectedly, and we continue to add capability as we learn their new needs,” said Ky Nichol CEO of Cutover.

Cutover is now easily purchased and deployed through AWS Marketplace, streamlining customer software procurement processes and allowing a single customer portal experience of simplified billing in their AWS bill. Cutover supports AWS Service Catalog to allow clients to access the good product governance and compliance capability provided by AWS from within Cutover runbooks. In addition to tracking detailed team and machine tasks on cloud migration projects, Cutover is used by many Financial institutions in the UK and USA for large IT transformation programs, such as data center migrations, operational resilience practices, including resilience testing and building power downs as well as ongoing tech change.

“As Financial institutions migrate more and more applications to the cloud, they want new and modern tools that increase IT productivity and observability, particularly as many teams are now working from home during these challenging times with COVID-19,” said Dave McCann, Vice President, Migration, AWS Marketplace and Control Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “During times of crisis, companies want to particularly onboard new leading edge tools quickly. AWS Marketplace simplifies software evaluation, procurement, billing, provisioning, and tagging for organizations by standardizing the experience across their top software suppliers. Cutover’s adoption of our Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace adds them to the growing list of ISVs who use a common contract model. This takes a strain off Procurement and Legal, allowing Engineering and IT to access software months faster.”

Cutover offers Remote Team Orchestration: virtual teams can orchestrate in real-time across remote workforces distributed right across the globe together collaborating with machine automation. “In these times we remain focused on helping our clients to remotely orchestrate some of their most critical work and are humbled by the words of thanks sent across to us,” said Ky Nichol CEO of Cutover.

About Cutover

Cutover, the leader in work orchestration and observability, is the only platform that provides full organizational visibility into dynamic flows of work, bringing them out of the dark matter of the enterprise to enable teams to move quickly with confidence. Cutover eliminates outdated approaches like static-spreadsheets and weekend calls so teams can accomplish the work quickly and effectively—without the headache. Cutover’s solution helps enterprises more effectively plan, orchestrate and audit the human and automated activities that drive critical events, such as technology releases, resilience testing, operational readiness and major incident recovery.

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