Cloud-Computing Service, a Security Risk or Security Benefit?

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As dozens of cloud-based IT management software solutions pop-up promising various perks and discounts, one would probably question the validity of cloud-based software as an option. Is it a higher security risk to develop your business to be ‘on the go’ but prone to hacking? Or is the flexibility of cloud-based software the future of the IT business management industry? Here are a few points to consider in gauging the growing trend and its possible dangers and benefits.

Financial practicality

Data storage is the main enemy when it comes to the expansion of a company. If you’re a small company seeking to start out your business and you don’t know how to deal with the surge of requests from customers and messages from possible business partners, you’re probably stuck in a rut. Local servers used to be the solution to keep up with the rise of data delivered and received by a company, but that would include finding the right equipment, buying enough space, and maintaining the rented space where you would set up your servers regularly. The advantage of subscribing to a web-based server is that it is much cheaper considering you only ‘pay rent’ for the server instead of buying the hardware and the space where the equipment will be housed.

Flexibility of the service

The rise of cloud-service providers shows that there is a demand for variety in the services offered. Cloud business intelligence allows for advanced algorithms to take note, compare, and evaluate statistical data covered through your assets. Pre-programmed data analyses aren’t the only perks of subscribing to cloud-based software, office 365 email archiving allows for ease-of-access and monitoring of your company’s information, making it easier to respond to messages and requests.

Sound security

Data breach is one of the dangers of not having your own local server. Files left in a cloud system are open for access from anywhere. But enough of our cynicism; with regards to security, the latest Azure cloud service offers security encryption to make sure that although your assets are on the web, it won’t be that simple for someone outside your security protocols to gain access to your files. You can visit their website to inquire more about what apps are offered and how their secure systems can help your business.

Finding the best in one or the other – or both?

The changing times require us to move on and take advantage of the technological advancements that are given to us, but it’s not wrong to keep an ace up your sleeve. Keeping both local and cloud-based servers lets you have both public servers (for public business transactions) and private servers (for more sensitive company files) which lets you benefit from the best of both worlds.

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