AutoDeploy Releases Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on AWS Marketplace


AutoDeploy is pleased to announce that it has published three new listings to the AWS Marketplace for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Based on a continuous innovation model, AutoDeploy is committed to delivering Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers with the newest functionality delivered from Oracle on Amazon Web Services.

Enterprise software customers have been working for years at a cadence of three year upgrades that are costly to their business operations, internal staff, and ability to adopt new software functionality for key business software. The historic trends in software upgrades, migrations, and adoption of improved software have been limited by on premises models that require large upfront capital expenditures and time commitments from internal IT resources, business users, and key stakeholders. With cloud computing, these rate limiters to change have removed the barrier of entry for businesses to become faster and more agile with their software delivery model.

AutoDeploy has embraced cloud computing as a new model for enterprise software customers to go faster, cheaper, and deliver higher value outcomes for customers. By using the AMIs published on the AWS Marketplace, AutoDeploy is demonstrating to consumers of enterprise software that it is possible to take tasks that typically requires weeks or months, and scale those requirements down to minutes.

“Within 10 to 15 minutes, any user can be up and running on a full stack installation of EnterpriseOne on AWS,” said Mark Dalton, CEO of AutoDeploy. “The new cloud speed model of computing enables our customers to test new functionality of the EnterpriseOne software, migrate their workloads at a rapid pace, and reduce the internal complexity of scaling resources across the enterprise. The new operating modes of cloud computing help our customers do more to drive exciting value added outcomes to their business operations. Traditionally we’ve seen migrations take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. With the AutoDeploy model, customers can move their entire Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne footprint from on prem to the cloud in a matter of weeks. Once our customers move to AWS, they are then able to realize new benefits from the myriad number of services that Amazon Web Services delivers to its’ builder community. Wether it be lower operating cost of infrastructure, machine learning, analytics, and integrations, our customers realize tremendous value utilizing the AWS framework. We are excited to release three new AMIs for customers on multiple tools releases to immediately kick start their cloud journey.”

As AutoDeploy continues to move customer workloads from on premises to Amazon’s cloud, there is a pent up demand for businesses to think about new value delivery models. Amazon’s superior cloud offerings give Oracle customers a unique opportunity to take advantage of new technology to assist the enterprise customer to create the outcomes that help drive new and exciting outcomes. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers are in a unique position to move on premises workloads in a compressed timeline with superior offerings based on Amazon Web Services cloud platform.


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