Dinesh Selvaraj – Kubernetes Assignment for Administrator

Write a Summary post on following Questions – Top 10 k8 API Resources which is being by Kubernetes Admin podsservicesnamespacesconfigmapsecretsserviceaccountrolesrolebidingclusterroleclusterrolebindingcsidriver – Top 10 kubectl commands to troubleshoot Kubernetes describe podsdescribe nodesdescribe servicedescribe ingressdescribe svcget eventscluster-info logskubectl execget servricesport forward service – Top 15 commands which is being used by Kubernetes Administrator – Top Tools for Monitoring, Logging and Tracing Kubernetes & Apps Elastic StakeGrafanaPrometheusKibanaJaegerDatadogLogstashFluentd – Top 10 Practices for Securing Kubernetes Keep etcd safe through encryoptionCertificatestokenrole based accesskeeping k8 uptodateadopt

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