Assignment Day:3 – by Gorsa Lakshmi Niharika

Detail on Kubernetes:

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration. It manages various multiple docker hosts. It is developed in Go programming language. Kubernetes initially developed by Google later owned by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). It is large rapidly growing ecosystem, Its services, support and tools were used throughout ease.

Reason to use Kubernetes:

  1. Reduce the time and increases the release products within the dedicated time.
  2. Optimizes the cost effectively
  3. High software scalability and availability
  4. Improved cloud migration paths
  5. Flexibility in multi cloud environment

Components in Kubernetes:

A Kubernetes cluster consists of set of worker machines, Master machines. Where in as follows it contains set of components to follow the process.

  • API Server:

Kubernetes is an API Server which provides all the functions on cluster using the API. It implements an interface, to readily communicate with it on different tools and libraries.

  • ETCD:

It acts as a storage for the configuration of information which can also be used by each of the nodes in cluster. It will be accessible only by Kubernetes API Server it can have some sensitive information.

  • Controller Manager:

The component is responsible for most of the collectors that can monitors the state of clusters and their performance over task. It works towards a shared state of cluster and then makes changes to get the current status of the server to the desired state.

  • Scheduler:

Key role participated in Kubernetes master. It is a service in master responsible for distributing in the workload. And also responsible for scheduling the tasks and monitors them accordingly within pods.

And also we have few components:

Kubelet Service: This will be a small service to responsible for relaying information to and from the service. It interacts with etcd store to read all the configuration.

Kubernetes Proxy Service: This proxy service runs on each node and helps in making all the services available to the host.

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