Assigenment-3 Docker

  1. Components of Docker and its Brief Summary
    ans: The Docker components are divided into two categories; basic and advanced.
    basic docker components:
    Docker Client: it allows user to communicate with docker.
    Docker Image: Docker images are used to build containers and hold the entire metadata that elaborates the capabilities of the container.
    Docker Daemon: It runs as a background process that manages parts like Docker networks, storage volumes, containers, and images.
    Docker Container: A Docker container is the instance of an image that can be created, started, moved, or deleted through a Docker API
    Docker Advanced Components:
    Docker Compose: Sometimes you want to run multiple containers but as a single service. This task can be accomplished with the help of Docker compose as it is specifically designed for this goal.
    Docker Swarm: If developers and IT admins decide to create or manage a cluster of swarm nodes in the Docker platform, they can use the Docker swarm service.
  2. What is the differenet between docker pause and unpause?
    ans: The Docker pause command is used to pause an existing Docker container. To unpause the container, we use “docker unpause” command.
  3. What is the differenet between docker stop and kill?
    ans: The docker kill subcommand kills one or more containers. The docker stop command attempts to stop a running container first by sending a SIGTERM signal to the root process (PID 1) in the container.
  4. What is the differenet between docker exec and attach?
    ans: docker exec executes a new command . Use docker attach to attach your terminal’s standard input, output, and error to a running container using the container’s ID or name.
  5. List of dockerfile instructions and its Brief Summary?
    ans: FROM – to pull base images like alpine, ubuntu,etc..
    ADD – add the files to the images(ADD supports remote urls(not encourged to use) and automaticalls unzips tar balls
    RUN – executes durint the image creation like RUN apk add wget
    COPY – copy the files to images
    EXPOSE – expose the port of the container
    ENRTYPOINT[“java”,”jar”,”webappp.jar”] start the process you want to run after staring the container]
    CMD – to pass on defaults for for an container.the paramenters for entry point can be passed using CMD.
  6. What is the differenet between CMD vs Entrypoint
    ans: CMD – The CMD describes the default container parameters or commands. The user can easily override the default command when you use this. ENTRYPOINT – A container with an ENTRYPOINT is preferred when you want to define an executable. You can only override it if you use the –entrypoint flag.
  7. List of 20 docker commands and its use cases with example?
    ans: docker –versionThis command is used to get the currently installed version of docker
    docker pull : This command is used to pull images from the docker repository(
    This command is used to create a container from an image
    docker ps: This command is used to list the running containers
    docker ps -a:This command is used to show all the running and exited containers
    docker exec: This command is used to access the running container
    docker stop: This command stops a running container
    docker kill: This command kills the container by stopping its execution immediately.
    docker commit: This command creates a new image of an edited container on the local system
    docker login: This command is used to login to the docker hub repository
    docker push: This command is used to push an image to the docker hub repository
    docker images: This command lists all the locally stored docker images
    docker rm: This command is used to delete a stopped container
    docker rmi: This command is used to delete an image from local storage
    docker build: This command is used to build an image from a specified docker file
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