Agreement with Chinese firm for cloud computing services


Funded by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, DataMount Company, and International Emerging Technology Company (ETCO) have signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Alibaba Group on cloud computing services.
The signing of the agreement, which was held at COMEX 2021, stipulates that the Data Mount and ETCO will manage, operate and market Alibaba center and services for cloud computing in the region, which will enhance the Sultanate’s position as a regional gateway for cloud computing services and technologies.

The agreement will also stipulate that the three parties provide data processing and cloud hosting services and train national cadres to use Alibaba’s cloud programs.

The aim is to enhance the cloud computing market in the Sultanate and in the region in general.

Under the agreement; Alibaba will invest about $10 million during the first stages of providing central devices and modern technologies, while DataMount will invest nearly $4 million in preparing the infrastructure for the information center; The project is expected to provide the technology sector in the Sultanate with a number of job opportunities (direct and indirect);

Datamount has started training and employing a number of graduates, and it is expected that the number of employees during the first phase will reach 12 employees to work on managing and marketing the project.

Alibaba’s cloud is the leading international provider and the third-largest infrastructure provider in the Asia Pacific region, according to Gartner; Through this partnership, the company aims to provide secure and reliable cloud services and technologies to enterprises in the Sultanate of Oman as a whole and the region in general.

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