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  1. Define SRE in your own Words- 2 Lines
    Ans. SRE is an approach to reduce manual work by toil reduction, automate the task which are repetitive. Also involved in managing monitoring stack, incident management and defining SLA/SLOs for applications.
  2. Define 3-4 bullet points on migrating process of Ops to SRE?
  • Understanding and list down the tasks which can be automated
  • Grouping and calculating manual efforts put by members in a month
  • Classifying the time saved and cost factors(if any) involved in migration or if adopting new tools
  • Prioritizing the tasks which can be automated with less effort first.

3. 3 Charactertics to identify Toil in SRE
Ans. Toil work will have below characteristics

  • Manual, Repetitive and can be automated
  • Following a defined set of actions for that work
  • No scope for learning new things
  1. 1 line explanation of SLI – SLO and SLA
    Ans. SLI are indicators which we get from application and how they perform with a trend of data. SLO are objectives set based on SLI data and which can be achieved with defined SLIs. SLA and agreement set with client which we can achieve. SLOs are supposed to be lower than SLAs.

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