7. List of 20 docker commands and its use cases with example? by Johnson

  1. docker ps — To check running containers
  2. docker images — To check pulled images
  3. docker pull — To pull images from docker hub registry
  4. docker push — To push custom images to docker hub registry
  5. docker run — To start and run a container
  6. docker exec — To enter inside the container with shell
  7. docker start — To start a container
  8. docker stop — To stop a container
  9. docker restart — To restart a container
  10. docker build — To build a custom image using dockerfile
  11. docker commit — To build image from running container
  12. docker logs — To check the logs of specified container
  13. docker rm — To remove or delete container
  14. docker rmi — To remove image
  15. docker kill — To kill a container
  16. docker –version — To check the current docker version
  17. docker login — To login docker hub into local
  18. docker system prune — To remove all unused containers, networks, images
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