7.List of 20 docker commands and its use cases with example?

Docker –version         gives the version of docker that’s being used

Docker pull                 to pull an image from the registry

Docker run <image>  to create a container

Docker ps                    list of running containers

Docker ps –a               shows all the running and exited containers

Docker stop                stop a running container gracefully

Docker kill                  stops a running container abruptly

Docker commit           creates a new image of an edited container

Docker push                used to push an image into the docker hub

Docker images            list of images stored locally

Docker rm                   to delete a stopped container

Docker rmi                 delete an image from local storage

Docker build               builds an image from a dockerfile

Docker start                to start a container

Docker restart                         to restart a stopped container

Docker log                  to view the logs of a container

Docker inspect            to fetch the ip address of a container

Docker exec                used to execute commands in a container

Docker rename           to rename a container

Docker pause              to pause all the processes in a specific container.

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