13.5 is alive: GitLab makes security tweaks, adds ‘popular’ Group Wikis as this month’s model tiptoes out


It’s that time of the month again. Open source collaboration enabler Gitlab has pushed out 13.5, the latest update to the popular multitool environment for devops integration/management/code-sharing/whatever the user base has glommed in since last time.

Gitlab 13.5 now includes SAST – static application security testing – for iOS and Android code, alongside the integration of the MobSF framework. Gitllab notes in its blog post describing the release that this sits alongside the existing fuzz testing for Swift and Java, with the intention of enabling testing for more people earlier on in the pipeline.

Another focus this month is collaboration, with the introduction of Group Wikis to share ad hoc and structured project information across developer teams. Gitlab claimed this was the most upvoted feature request in the history of the product, which is easy to believe when you consider the popularity of the publications amongst the devops crowd.


Also added is Kubernetes cluster cost monitoring, based on Kubecost, to watch out for expensively multiplying entities; Gitpod Workspace integration for creating, managing and deploying prebuilt development environments; a timeline view for discussions; multi-file shareable Snippets; enhanced binary object management at deployment; and a host of other minor additions and maturations.

Developer reaction has been generally enthusiastic, especially towards the SAST integration for mobile apps and the improved support for app deployment. Twitter user and systems architect @rpadovani93 noted that: “With release 13.5, @gitlab will be able to host Generic Packages as artifacts. Combined with their CI/CD, you can finally build whatever you want and automatically release it. Lovely.”


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