AWS Plans Three-Zone Cloud Region In Switzerland For 2022

Source:- Amazon Web Services will open a new cloud infrastructure region in Switzerland with three availability zones or data center clusters in the back half of 2022. The new AWS Europe (Zurich) Region will allow customers to run workloads and store data in Switzerland to comply with data sovereignty requirements while serving end users with even lower latency, AWS said. Many Swiss companies were among the earliest adopters of cloud services in Europe when AWS launched in 2006, according to

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Source:- Continuous app deployment via the cloud can lead to errors that monitoring software may help sort out. Speed of delivery in a serverless ecosystem can mean coping with a surge in hidden errors. That led Tackle to use Sentry’s tools to increase visibility when deploying code. Founder and CTO Dillon Woods says Tackle helps other software companies sell through cloud marketplaces such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Tackle went with a serverless stack for

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What is AWS CloudFront? There was a time when only huge companies could deliver content in a timely fashion. Whether it was a video distributed around the globe to employees in a remote office, a gaming network where players are in disparate countries, or even a new music streaming app offered to go head-to-head with Spotify, the options were limited. About one decade ago, it was extremely rare for a company to create their own customer Content Delivery Network (or CDN) because of

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