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How well do you know Docker components and services?

How well do you know Docker components and services?

With Docker containers moving into more enterprise IT shops, it’s imperative to grasp how the technology works. Test your knowledge of Docker components and services with this quiz.

Docker is a hot topic in IT operations. It’s not only dominating conversations, but taking over the containerization market as well. The open source Docker service expanded in 2015 to offer a paid enterprise edition, and has become the most commonly used containerization software in this nascent technological market.

Docker generally refers to Docker Engine. Docker is a platform for encapsulating and running application code quickly. Docker Engine is the underlying software technology, atop which components run numerous container services, from development to maintenance to storage.

Despite being the most widely used container service, Docker features such an array of components that they can be difficult to keep straight. Take this quiz to see how well you know Docker components and services.



Which of the following OSes does Docker run on?

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • All of the above


Docker containerd is a core container runtime that manages what?

  • The container lifecycle of its Linux or Windows host system
  • Container and data security
  • Log analysis and reporting
  • The resources necessary to run the container


What does Docker swarm mode do?

  • Clusters container nodes
  • Integrates orchestration capabilities
  • Exists natively on Docker Engine, between the OS and container images
  • All of the above


What can an IT shop do with Docker Compose and swarm mode?

  • Construct and define multi-container applications
  • Provide analysis reports of container orchestration performance
  • Collect data on speed and efficiency and recommend alterations
  • Automatically earn group coffee breaks for each container image written


Which of the following best describes Docker Hub?

  • A social message board for users to communicate
  • A free, downloadable repository of preconfigured containers
  • A centralized help service for users
  • A crowd-sourced FAQ to increase Docker awareness


Where does Docker Datacenter store container registries?

  • In Docker Cloud
  • On a user-specified public cloud service
  • On-premises
  • On Windows Server storage volumes


Which of the following is NOT part of Docker Cloud?

  • Build and testing facilities for Dockerized application images
  • Tools to manage host infrastructure
  • Swarm provisioning to various cloud providers
  • Automated legacy application code conversion into microservices


What is a Dockerfile?

  • Any folder or document to run Docker components
  • Any report or document that Docker components produce
  • A template used to describe the build of an image
  • A developer who loves Docker and containerization, frequently espousing its virtues


How does Docker Machine manage virtual hosts that use Docker?

  • Command line
  • Graphical user interface
  • Docker Datacenter
  • Any of the above


Bonus round! Where does Docker Notary store publishers’ trusted content collections?

  • Docker Cloud
  • Docker Hub repository
  • Users’ on-premises data centers
  • I thought notaries needed special stamp

How did you do on this quiz? Let us know in the comments. Not sure about an answer? Send us an email at to discuss any of these answers and the Docker components covered.

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