Agile Stacks Partners with CloudBees to Accelerate DevOps Automation

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Agile Stacks today announced that it is partnering with CloudBees™ through the CloudBees Elevate Partner Program. As the hub of enterprise DevOps, CloudBees provides companies with smarter automation solutions and insights for accelerating software development. Meanwhile, Agile Stacks delivers the all-in-one, non-opinionated GitOps automation service, which is reinventing how enterprises implement services and applications to support the agility, scalability and reliability required for today’s digital businesses.

Together, CloudBees and Agile Stacks enable mutual customers to accelerate their time-to-market by rapidly and cost-effectively deploying enterprise-grade DevOps functionality provided by CloudBees and automatically creating pipelines with Agile Stacks Application Templates, which bind development, test and production to stacks and environments naturally.

Jenkins is one of the world’s most widely adopted DevOps solutions and works with Kubernetes at scale. CloudBees starts with Jenkins, the most trusted and widely-adopted continuous delivery platform, and adds enterprise-grade security, scalability, manageability, and expert-level support by making the software delivery process more productive, manageable and hassle-free. In doing so, CloudBees puts companies on the fastest path to transforming great ideas into great software and returning value to the business.

Agile Stacks complements CloudBees by offering a DevOps-first architecture out-of-the-box that enables organizations to deploy full-function DevOps cloud stacks using their tools of choice within minutes, versus typical deployment times of anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Working with the award-winning CloudBees customer success team, joint customers now have a strong enablement path for getting the most out of Jenkins at enterprise scale when configuring their pipelines and running in the Agile Stacks DevOps stack to provide scalable builds to any number of development groups out of the box.

Through the partnership, Agile Stacks and CloudBees will conduct joint sales along with collaborative marketing initiatives aimed at educating enterprises on how they can achieve agile development via DevOps and GitOps, simplify the management of cloud resources, and significantly reduce operational expenses.

“We empower enterprises in today’s global digital economy to innovate and adapt rapidly using our Agile Stacks automated agile software delivery service, which significantly streamlines the deployment and update management of the many tools they rely on,” said John Morada, Agile Stacks vice president of global business development. “We are excited to partner with CloudBees in delivering enterprise Jenkins, the DevOps and continuous delivery solution of choice for many enterprises, with our service. Now mutual customers have the trusted software and services they need to rapidly get to market with best-in-class digital solutions that can easily scale and evolve to meet market demands.”

“We pride ourselves on providing enterprise-grade continuous delivery functionality to DevOps teams and then complementing that with companies, such as Agile Stacks, to enable the success of non-opinionated enterprise-grade open source technologies,” said Aaron Morrison, director of worldwide channel sales, CloudBees. “We are pleased to partner with Agile Stacks. Working together, we are addressing our customers’ growing demand to run our platform on Kubernetes, while cost-effectively providing the security and compliance, flexibility, and scale capabilities they need to drive their businesses.”

About Agile Stacks
Agile Stacks is reinventing how enterprises implement clouds with its Agile Stacks all-in-one, non-opinionated GitOps automation service. For the first time, organizations have a DevOps-first architecture out of the box that empowers them to deploy full-function DevOps cloud stacks using their tools of choice within minutes. Incorporating a range of popular, best-of-breed open source products that are pre-tested, integrated and work together from the instant they are deployed, the stacks support the predictable performance, agility, scalability and reliability required for today’s digital businesses.


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