TDP DevOps – Day 4

1) What is terraform?

Terraform is infrastructure as code tool that is used to define cloud resources and on-premises resources as configuration files that is understandable by human that can be versioned, reuse and shared. It manages an application’s underlying IT infrastructure through programming. It is written in Go programming language.

2) One example terraform program

provider “github” {

token=”github personal access token XXXXXXX”


resource “github_repository” “example” {
name = “example”
description = “My awesome codebase”

visibility = “public”

3) List of 5 terraform commands and its use

  1. Terraform apply – it executes the actions proposed in a terraform plan.
  2. Terraform plan – creates an execution plan, which let’s us to preview the changes that terraform plans to make to your infrastructure.
  3. Terraform init – it is used to initialize a working directory containing configuration files.
  4. Terraform destroy – terminates resources defined in terraform configuration.
  5. Terraform show – used to provide human readable output from a state or plan file.
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