TDP DevOps – Day 1

What is DevOps? – use 1 image

DevOps is a model that integrates software development and Operations, it is the mindset that aims to automate and integrate the processes. DevOps practices enables to improve continuous software delivery, deployment, integration and monitoring and communications among teams effectively that leads to effective production of results desired by the customers and according to their needs. It also enables the performance that leads to speed delivery of the software to the businesses.

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10 Advantages of DevOps

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  3. Optimized and streamlined processes
  4. Cost reduction on maintenance
  5. Shorten production cycles
  6. Decreased IT wastes
  7. Improved collaboration and communication between teams
  8. Increased continuous integration and efficiency through automation
  9. Increase in product quality
  10. Effective coordination of development and operations teams with other departments

Top 10 tools used in DevOps – Use 1 image

  1. GitHub
  2. Docker
  3. Jenkins
  4. Puppet
  5. Kubernetes
  6. Chef
  7. Azure / AWS
  8. Splunk
  9. Selenium
  10. Ansible
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DevOps Tools

How to implement DevOps ?

  1. Code
  2. Build
  3. Continuous Integration
  4. Continuous Testing
  5. Release
  6. Continuous Deployment
  7. Continuous Operation

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