Salesforce shares the cloud with CloudCherry

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BENGALURU: CloudCherry, the customer experience software solution provider, has integrated with the service cloud and marketing cloud of Salesforce, the US-based cloud computing company. This integration is expected to improve handling of customer issues and drive higher satisfaction ratings.

CloudCherry offers 17 channels for organisations to capture relevant, contextual, real-world data from customers. The feedback captured from these channels can be driven towards the contact centre from physical locations, online, email, SMS, or social ­­ raised as a case on Salesforce and addressed by agents immediately.

“The Salesforce CRM platform helps you understand who your important customers are and what they are doing. CloudCherry helps you understand why (they are important),” said Arvi Krishnaswamy, VP of Products at CloudCherry. The company is backed by Vertex Ventures, CISCO Investments and IDG Ventures India. CloudCherry’s engine can route dissatisfied customers towards a particular team of agents specialised in managing priority issues, thereby ensuring that these cases can be addressed quickly. The agent can view a customer’s feedback history from CloudCherry, see previous issues and view key metrics like a customer’s current Net Promoter Score. This data helps them frame a tailored response to a customer’s problem.

This integration will also help organisations to run highly targeted marketing campaigns from Salesforce by creating customer cohorts on CloudCherry, and pushing these cohorts to Salesforce. Instead of sending mass marketing campaigns to an entire customer database, specific offers and deals can be sent to select sets of customers to improve conversion rates and create better upsell opportunities.

“The CloudCherry and Salesforce integration provides a one-stop solution to optimise interactions from the customer’s perspective. It fosters customer loyalty and enables organisations to track, analyse and take strategic action on every customer interaction throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Rajani Ramanathan, former COO of Technology and Products at, and currently serving on CloudCherry’s board of directors.
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