Jira Assignment – Pankaj Devrani

  • What are top 10 use cases of Jira and give short explanations of each use cases
    1. Test case management – you can integrate jira –  Jira integrates with a variety of add-ons so the QA’s testing slides seamlessly into the software development cycle.  Teams can test effectively and iteratively.  QA teams use Jira issues, customized screens, fields, and workflows to manage manual and automated tests.
    2. Jira for agile teams – Jira Software provides scrum and kanban boards out-of-the-box. Boards are task management hubs, where tasks are mapped to customizable workflows. Boards provide transparency across teamwork and visibility into the status of every work item
    3. Project management – Teams can start with a project template or create their own custom workflow. Jira issues, also known as tasks, track each piece of work that needs to pass through the workflow steps to completion.
    4. Software development teams – Jira Software provides planning and roadmap tools so teams can manage stakeholders, budgets, and feature requirements from day one. Jira integrates with a variety of CI/CD tools to facilitate transparency throughout the software development life cycle.
    5. DevOps teams – Jira Software integrates with first- and third-party tools throughout the DevOps lifecycle, including code and version control tools like Bitbucket, GitHub, and Gitlab, documentation and knowledge management tools like Confluence, and monitoring and operating tools like Opsgenie
    6. Product management teams – In Jira Software, teams can build a roadmap that’s associated with each project. The roadmap enables teams to sketch out the longer-term view of their work as well as track and share progress for their roadmap
    7. Task Management – Create tasks for yourself and members of your team to work on, complete with its details, due dates, and reminders. Utilize subtasks to breakdown larger items of work. Allow others to watch the task to track its progress and be notified when it’s completed.
    8. Bug tracking – Jira ensures that bugs are automatically assigned and prioritized once they are captured. Teams can then track a bug through to completion
    9. Planning – With Jira software you can effectively plan the road maps for different projects and organisations.
    10. Jira for requirements gathering – you can use Jira and confluence combined for requirement gathering and adding details into the tickets for the purpose of giving context to the people working on it.
  • Write down step by step process of adding custom fields in Jira issue with screenshot attached of each step
    • Open the proejct and go to project settings from the left menu
    • Now click on Issue types
    • Choose issue. For e.g. Task
    • From the right side choose type of custom field from Create a Field Section and add details to the field
  • Write down step by step process of adding New workflow in Jira with screenshot attached of each step
    1. Go to Settings () > Issues
    2. Choose Workflows and click Add workflow.
    3. Add name and click on add
    4. Click Add status to add a new step to the workflow (you can add existing statuses or create new ones)
    5. Click Add transition or drag from a node on one status to another to add a transition
    6. Add more status and transition based on requirement
  • List of Top 10 tasks to be done by Jira Administrator
    1. Setting up Jira
    2. Configuring User Permissions
    3. Optimizing Workflows
    4. Prioritize Security
    5. Remove Unnecessary Workflows
    6. Add extensions
    7. Managing users
    8. Adding users
    9. Creating projects
    10. Integrating third party vendors
  • List of Top 10 tasks to be done by Jira Project Owner
    1. Configuring project details
    2. Create issues
    3. Customizing issues
    4. Integrating Confluence and other thrid pary vendors
    5. Managing project workflow
    6. Managing project roles and members access
    7. Customizing workflow for the project
    8. Creating releases
    9. Configuring Automation
    10. Configuring notifications
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