How DevOps makes rapid deployment a reality

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Traditional software release cycles are no longer suitable for the pace of the modern workplace. In order to adapt to challenges effectively, businesses must have access to suitably agile software.

However, it has long been believed that development speed can only be enhanced by reducing security, as there simply isn’t enough time to test and secure software when the release timeframe is reduced from months to minutes. This is where DevOps comes in.

By combining the talents of both the developer and operations teams, DevOps helps to ensure that security is a key consideration from the very beginning. Encouraging the input of all relevant personnel, DevOps enables vulnerabilities to be removed at the conceptual stage, long before the product is released. By making security a critical value from the get go, DevOps helps increase the pace of software deployments significantly.

DevOps also speeds up development by encouraging automation wherever possible. Although some tasks still require manual involvement, often businesses can gain considerably by letting computers take over. Automation can be used to create a release cycle with a strong feedback loop combining stability and speed.

DevOps allows code to be tested at a much earlier stage, so developers don’t have to wait for the “testing window” before discovering a flaw that could have been fixed much earlier. Depending on the industry, businesses can also automate the deployment process itself, ensuring that updates and new releases are pushed to consumers as soon as they are ready.

Although the acceleration of software development is occurring at an intimidating pace, it brings many benefits to businesses and their customers. By making rapid deployment a reality without compromising security, DevOps is bringing much greater agility to companies all over the world.

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