DevOps Tips and Inspiration: Metrics


Our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) video podcast – now in its 4th year! – has hosted hundreds (yes, literally) of experts from the DevOps community, who get together every other Tuesday to share their experience and expertise around a wide range of topics related to modern software delivery.

In our 70+ episodes so far, we’ve featured some of the biggest DevOps luminaries and technology leaders, who shared their learning, war stories, and tips – around topics such as microservices, containers, continuous testing, scaling agile, DevSecOps, advanced deployment patterns, release pipelines, accelerating CI, cultural transformation, and many, many more.

We have learned A TON from the community, and have enjoyed sharing our own perspective as well through the lenses of Anders Wallgren and Sam Fell, who host the show. We’re humbled and proud to be joining these great minds to advance the art and practice of DevOps – so that we can all become better at releasing software, together.

While we encourage you to check out all the podcast episodes, we wanted to offer some takeaways, tips and DevOps inspiration that have stuck with us over the years. Software delivery can be chaotic and challenging at times – but doesn’t have to be. It helps to keep our eye on the ball, and remember why we’re in this!

We hope this series brings valuable insights to those on their DevOps journey, wherever they may be along the path. In this first post, we’re sharing some important things to remember around DevOps metrics and measurement. Feel free ponder these, adopt and share them, or keep them handy for when you need a moment of inspiration for the next step in your continuous improvement!

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