DevOps Tips and Inspiration from DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) Speakers


Our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) video podcast – now in its 4th year – has hosted hundreds of experts from the DevOps community who shared their experience and expertise around a wide range of topics related to DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Among the panelists we had on the program are many of the speakers who appeared at DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) throughout the years. IT leaders from companies like Hearst Business Media, Nationwide Insurance, IBM, Capital One, Target, Pivotal, and more have joined us on various episodes, to discussed their DevOps transformation journeys, best practices and patterns, and the challenges they are facing along the way.

In this installment of “DevOps Tips and Inspiration” we’re rounding up some of the takeaways and leanings that these DOES-DevOps experts have shared with us through the years. Since it was hard to choose, and there were so many valuable tips from so many excellent DOES speakers, we’ll be adding to this list in the weeks to come.

Mark Imbriaco: on one of the benefits of a mature DevOps transformation:

Topo Pal suggests that teams should have ownership of the pipeline:

Nicole Forsgren reminds us that metrics are so much more than numbers:

Carmen DeArdo on the importance of driving business value:

Ashish Kuthiala on the importance of collaboration and empathy:

Having specialists on your team is a good thing, per Paula Thrasher:

Pauly Comtois recognizes the passion that engineers have:

Give developers more responsibility, advises Ann Marie Fred:


Steve Mayner on the power of transformational leadership:


Finally, Jayne Groll on overcoming language barriers:

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