DevOps Experience: Learn a Lot without Leaving Your Spot

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The great thing about conferences is they can be hotbeds of learning: keynote presentations, seminars, one-on-one sessions, networking … the list goes on. The drawback, however, is the travel: delayed flights, the dreaded middle seat on the airplane, lost luggage, jet lag … the list goes on. That’s why virtual conferences are now my first choice: All the of the learning, none of the hassle.

MediaOps—the company behind, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, DevOpsTV and more—and CA Technologies have teamed to present a free virtual summit chock full of information and education for the DevOps professional presented in a virtual reality environment. DevOps Experience is a true virtual conference, replete with theaters to view the keynotes and presentations, a conference lobby to chat and socialize and a virtual trade show floor with virtual exhibitor stands equipped with video, downloads and even schwag for attendees. And did I mention it’s free?

DevOps Experience will feature keynotes from a lineup of DevOps luminaries including:

  • Gene Kim, CTO, researcher and co-author of “The Phoenix Project” and “The DevOps Handbook,” and founder of IT Revolution
  • Nicole Forsgren, founder and CEO at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)
  • Alan Shimel, editor in chief and founder of and Security Boulevard, and
  • Aruna Ravichandran, vice president of Global Marketing DevOps at CA Technologies and author of “DevOps for Digital Leaders” and “The Kitty Hawk Venture”

In addition, DevOps Experience will include a number of Spotlight Sessions with topics designed to provide even greater value to attendees. Sessions include:

  • The Accelerate State of DevOps Report
  • Delivering DevOps Practices for Mainframe
  • Women in DevOps Panel
  • DevSecOps, Why the Time is Now
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