DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas Announces New Dates, Virtual Conference Format

In response to COVID-19, IT Revolution brings technology leaders from large, complex organizations together from around the world for its immersive virtual learning and networking experience

PORTLAND, Ore., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IT Revolution, the industry leader for advancing DevOps, today announced the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2020 will be going virtual ( The scheduled dates and times for the summit are now October 13-15, 2020 in the Pacific Timezone.

Amidst growing concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, IT Revolution has updated registration deadlines and cancellation policies accordingly. Registration ($650) will be limited to 3,000 attendees to ensure the Slack channels and group networking sessions for the event are not overwhelmed.

Register now for half price to join the three-day, immersive learning virtual event for technology and business leaders practicing DevOps transformation:

Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit London attendees had this to say about their experience:

“If you’re curious about the latest on DevOps in the real world, you simply can’t get better than #DOES, and this year was no exception!” said Steve Pereira, Founder of Visible.

“COVID-adapted conferences have had a hard time arranging Q&A and networking,” said Ferrix Hovi, Lead DevOps and Agile Coach at Siili Solutions. “The DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual #DOES20 has really delivered on that. Pre-recorded keynotes with live Slack ask-the-speaker tracks as well as AMA sessions have been really helpful.”
“I absolutely loved the whole thing. I enjoyed the talks so much that I just finished watching all of the breakout sessions that I didn’t get to watch during the conference,” said Daniel Cahill, Software Engineer at Ontario Systems. “Seeing what others were learning in the Slack channels helped point me towards new ideas I hadn’t thought of before. I got opportunities to talk to fellow attendees and pages of notes. I interacted with some of those same speakers and authors I had already been learning from when I decided to attend! There were so many people excited to talk about the things I’m excited about!”
“I’ve been in person to 2017 DevOps Enterprise Summit London, and I have to say that I have enjoyed this virtual experience more,” said Jiří Klouda, Technology Leader, SRE at Cisco Meraki. “It was easier to keep track of what is going on, to engage with other attendees in the Zoom sessions, I had more “hallway” conversations than 3 years ago. And the talks have been just superb.”
DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for technology leaders and practitioners at large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The event programming emphasizes the next-generation operations and infrastructure needed to lead widespread change efforts in large organizations.

The virtual Las Vegas event features keynotes, panels, breakouts, a community space for spontaneous gatherings, and other networking and collaborative activities to enhance the virtual learning experience for attendees. Sessions will be led by leaders who are pioneering these practices in large and complex organizations across a wide range of industries.

“Great physical conferences are magical — you learn from incredible talks, feel surrounded by the best in the game, and find fellow travelers who share similar goals and experience similar struggles to conquer together. The connections I have made at conferences often lead to lifelong friendships and changed my career,” said Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unicorn Project, and co-author of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook and Accelerate.

“We’re so proud that we were able to create these experiences for our attendees in our first Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit attendees in June — we’re now planning our second virtual event this year, to replace our Las Vegas event, and we’re aiming to make it even better than our first!”

The Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas programming will include:

Experience reports from KeyBank, Deloitte, T-Mobile, Microsoft and more
New networking sessions utilizing the virtual format;
Virtual book signings by well-known industry authors;
Interest-based video networking, whereby attendees can select and engage with and ask questions of other attendees or speakers;
Birds-of-a-Feather gatherings for finding like-minded peers;
Lean Coffee, a hands-on workshop and interchange between participants;
Virtual Happy Hours for some informal networking, and more.
If you are interested in sponsoring the Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas event, please reach out to Molly Coyne, Director of Corporate Sponsorship at

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