CodeOnChain introduces a GitHub for the BSV blockchain

As the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem continues to scale and grow, more resources are being made available on the blockchain, making the internet increasingly a thing of the past. The march of time and innovative BSV developers are making this true, and Twitter user @jolon has contributed significantly to this with his release of CodeOnChain.

Announced by Unwriter on July 22, CodeOnChain was originally programmed by Jolon and acts as a GitHub on the BSV blockchain. Developers can upload their software to the service, saving it forever on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Using the service isn’t too tricky. Developers simply need to use the bsvpush command line tool, also published by Jolon, to upload their software folder to the CodeOnChain service. Then other users can browse it by simply visiting the CodeOnChain site, which has a featured apps tab, recent apps tab and transaction ID search. Each uploaded folder can be browsed, and displays the included files and documentation of the app, along with the transaction IDs used to save the app to the Metanet.

As Unwriter noted, with the inclusion of Moneybutton to tip open source developers, CodeOnChain introduces a whole new potential business model. Monetizing an open source app, which previously could be a very tricky thing to do, is now incredibly easy as anyone who appreciates the work of either Jolon or Unwriter can contribute to their work and keep their apps progressing.

Also, special to the BSV powered Metanet is the ability to create versioning of applications. Using bsvpush as an example, should Jolon improve the application and want to publish a new version to the blockchain, doing so is a fairly simple feat thanks to the Metanet protocol.

Having a GitHub like service on the BSV blockchain is a big step forward for developer freedom as well. GitHub has been a source of controversy in the past due to censorship, and Microsoft’s 2018 purchase of the service almost guarantees it will be further censored.

Just having been announced to the public very recently, there still aren’t a lot of folders uploaded to CodeOnChain. At the time of publication, there are three repositories to be found. With Unwriter’s announcement garnering plenty of attention and retweets though, other BSV developers can likely be expected to start using the service shortly.

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