Zendesk expands AWS support for customer data accessibility


Zendesk is releasing Events Connector for the newly launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) service Amazon EventBridge.

The Zendesk Events Connector allows companies to connect customer experience data to the AWS services that developers already use.

Modern customers expect their interactions with companies to be easy, personalised and responsive – all of which relies on accessing and understanding customer data.

Built on the cloud, the Zendesk Events Connector is an easy, scalable, and secure way to stream near real-time data changes (events) from Zendesk into AWS.

This experience is achieved through Amazon EventBridge, a serverless, highly available, and scalable event bus service that allows applications to communicate with each other using events.

“Customer experience teams will no longer be let down by disconnected and siloed systems that don’t share a complete picture of the customer,” says Zendesk product president Adrian McDermott.

“We are excited to work with AWS to further the movement towards companies having open access to all data, in a simple, safe and secure manner.”

This new capability from Zendesk provides companies with a near real-time understanding of customer interactions.

With this data and the power of AWS, companies can build better, more innovative customer experiences by enhancing customer information with machine learning (ML), security and compliance tools, or custom analytics and business intelligence through services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon SageMaker.

“Customer information shouldn’t only be used to resolve tickets, it should become a part of a company’s competitive advantage,” says Datadog technical services vice president Dustin Lawler.

“By integrating Zendesk into Datadog through the AWS EventBridge, we are able to leverage this important source of data throughout the entire organisation in real time.”

In November last year, Zendesk announced Zendesk Sunshine, an open and flexible CRM platform focused on utilising the power of AWS to seamlessly connect all customer data.

The Zendesk Events Connector is part of the larger effort for Zendesk Sunshine to further accelerate the ability to free customer data and allow developers to build out functionality with the tools they use – entirely on open standards with the security, scalability, and reliability of AWS at its core.

Zendesk Sunshine has already seen over 1,000 customers enable the platform.

Last month, Zendesk released Duet to provide businesses with the ability to break down company silos and unite customer-facing teams to create more cohesive experiences pre- and post-sale.

Duet combines Zendesk Sell and Support together in one offering to help businesses operate their sales and service teams without constraints.

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