What’s the point: Rook, Kong, Docker Hub, Elixir, Sumo Logic, and Sonatype


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has gained another graduate project. Accepted into the CNCF in 2018, storage project Rook is now mature enough to fall into one category with cloud native bedrocks Kubernetes and Prometheus.

Rook was originally developed at Upbound and looks to supply users with Kubernetes Operators for all sorts of storage providers to facilitate automated storage management. It is today maintained by a variety of companies ranging from Red Hat to Suse.

Kong portfolio gets new nervous system
API gateway provider Kong has used its house conference Kong Summit to announce its new connectivity platform Kong Konnect. The still in beta service is supposed to connect the Kong portfolio, and aims to “accelerates the journey to microservices, secures and governs APIs and services, and it allows developers to rapidly design, publish and consume APIs and services”[sic].

Konnect is made up of a runtime manager to spin up API gateways, Kubernetes Ingress, and service mesh runtimes, a service hub listing an organisation’s services, a developer portal, to govern service access, a vitals section for monitoring service health, and the Insomnia API Designer for changing interfaces.

Docker turns up the volume of collaboration and security
Containerisation tech company Docker has announced some enhancements for subscribers of their Team and Pro tiers. Docker Hub for example now comes with vulnerability scanning, so that users are notified about potential security issues when pushing to the image repository. Scan results are also said to soon make their way into Docker Dashboard.

Other plans for the coming months include ways to share contexts with team members, ignore updates to Docker Desktop, and enhanced support for Desktop and Hub.

Elixir 1.11 now available
Elixir, a programming language for the Erlang VM, has recently received a major update and is now available in version 1.11. Once upgraded, developers can profit from tighter Erlang integration, compiler checks for data constructors and application boundaries, built-in datetime formatting, and other calendar enhancements.

Sumo Logic sprinkles some more insight onto Continuous Intelligence Platform
Data analytics provider Sumo Logic this week introduced Software Development Optimization (SDO) to its Continuous Intelligence Platform. The new addition is meant to help teams visualise log data and analyse the information available to provide users with a solid basis for process optimisation amongst other things. Initial integrations include Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Bitbucket, PagerDutie, and OpsGenie, though Sumo Logic promises easy extensibility for tools like Azure DevOps, GitLab, and CircleCI.

Sonatype intros Advanced Development Pack
Software development lifecycle management tool provider Sonatype has added a new set of developer-focused enhancements to its Nexus Lifecycle product. The so-called Advanced Development Pack mainly includes some dependency management tools to support software developers with component upgrades, help them to choose secure open source components, and warn about supply chain attacks.

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