What’s the point: GitLab shifts CDN, LaunchDarkly pulls in cash, Puppet release, GitHub student giveaway


GitLab has warned customers it is changing its CDN provider to Cloudflare, which might have some knockon effects for GitLab.com customers – self-managed customers will be unaffected. Users with a whitelists of sites will need to update them accordingly. Custom runner images or private runners could also be affected if they have any kind of caching of DNS or SSL certificates The company said the move would allow it to have CDN, WAF and DDOS protection through a single vendor.

LanchDarkly flags up $54m

LaunchDarkly has bagged $54m in new funding, which it will use to build out its feature management platform, expand its team and add further add-ons. Recent additions have included Experimentation, Data Export and integrations with GitHub, HashiCorp and Slack. The firm said it served up more than 1 trillion feature flags a day last year, a 500 per cent increase on the previous year.

Puppet lengthens, shortens release gaps


Puppet is shortening the gap between major releases of its flagship Puppet Enterprise product to meet the needs of its “most agile customers”. Major releases will come quarterly instead of twice a year, with a long term support release coming every two years, instead of every 18 months. At the same time, the quarterly releases will be dubbed Puppet Enterprise updates and a version number, while the two yearly update will be dubbed Puppet Enterprise LTS.

GitHub crams more into student pack

GitHub says the tools and training which make up its Student Developer Pack – aimed at devs-to-be from 13 onwards – is now worth $200,000 per student, with the addition of 22 new partners to the programme. The new additions include CodeScene, Luminati, and SQLGate, alongside existing partners including JetBrains, Digital Ocean, Travis CI

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