What is Chef? by aishwarya

Chef is an open source cloud configuration management and deployment application. It’s meant to help anyone orchestrate servers in a cloud or just in a departmental data center. Instead of system administrators sweating over management programs that were designed for single, stand-alone servers

10 Advantage of Chef

Chef uses popular Ruby language to create a domain-specific language.

Chef does not make assumptions on the current status of a node. It uses its mechanisms to get the current status of machine.

Chef is ideal for deploying and managing the cloud server, storage, and software.

Lower barrier for entry − As Chef uses native Ruby language for configuration, a standard configuration language it can be easily picked up by anyone having some development experience.

Excellent integration with cloud − Using the knife utility, it can be easily integrated with any of the cloud technologies. It is the best tool for an organization that wishes to distribute its infrastructure on multi-cloud environment.

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