What is Blockchain and How to learn Online?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain enhances the trust, security, transparency, and traceability of data shared across business networks – and provides cost savings with new capabilities.

Benefits of Blockchain:

  1. Enhanced security – Your data is sensitive and important, and blockchain can significantly change the way you view important information. By creating a record that cannot be changed and is end-to-end encrypted, blockchain helps prevent fraud and unauthorized activity. Privacy issues on the blockchain can also be addressed by anonymizing personal data and user permissions to prevent access.
  2. Greater transparency – Without blockchain, each organization would have to maintain a separate database. Since the blockchain uses a distributed ledger, transactions and data are recorded identically in many places.
  3. Increased efficiency and speed – Traditional paper-heavy processes are time-consuming, prone to human error, and often require third-party mediation. By streamlining these processes with the blockchain, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.
  4. Automation – Transactions can also be automated with “smart contracts”, which increases your efficiency and speeds up the process even more. Once the pre-specified conditions are met, the next stage of the transaction or process is triggered automatically.
  5. Reduced costs – The nature of blockchain can also cut costs for organizations. This creates efficiency in processing transactions. It also reduces manual tasks such as collecting and modifying data as well as simplifies reporting and auditing processes

Features of Blockchain:

Advantges of Blockchain:

  • With blockchain, your business process will be better protected with the help of a high level of security
  • The hacking threats against your business will also be reduced to a greater extent.
  • As blockchain offers a decentralized platform, there is no need to pay for centralized entities or intermediaries’ services.
  • Enterprise blockchain technology enables organizations to use different levels of accessibility.
  • Organizations can do faster transactions with the help of blockchain.
  • Account reconciliation can be automated.
  • The transactions done are transparent and hence, easy to track.

Pre-requisites to learn Blockchain:

  • Fundamental skill and Knowledge in Technical Field.
  • Understand Blockchain Security
  • Know the Platforms.
  • Distributed ledger expertise.
  • Master of Interoperability.
  • Cryptography
  • Data Structures
  • Smart Contracts

How Long Does it Take to Learn Blockchain?

Typically, blockchain training by SimplyLearn will let you master the concepts in about 4 months if you devote 5 to 10 hours per week. The training takes place in such a way that you become proficient in almost all the concepts of blockchain and can easily add certification to your resume.

Is blockchain difficult to learn?

Blockchain is revolutionary and complex, so it seems difficult to understand. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to learn its fundamentals. The basic concept of blockchain is decentralization, mining and consensus mechanism. It is a series of immutable blocks that are cryptographically secure.

How to Learn Blockchain Online?

The first thing you should do before learning Blockchain is to ask yourself how you learn best.

Do you prefer online tutorials, or do you prefer online courses? Do you want to work on projects as part of a team, or are you comfortable learning at your own pace? By considering this question in advance, you will be able to better understand what kind of material you should be looking for.

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Here you can see the Agenda of the Blockchain Course:

This course covers the basics of Blockchain and its main features. You will develop a critical understanding of why Blockchain is useful and how it can be combined with other web development frameworks. You will learn about the basics of Blockchain and its advantages. Then, you’ll cover more advanced topics like integrating Blockchain with other frameworks.

Hopefully, I think this information is helpful for you.

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