What are the components of Kubernetes master and explain each component’s function?

Kubernetes master is the in charge of the cluster. Kuberenetes master should be of linux 64 based.

The K8’s master have 4 components. They are
1. api-server- Server of API’s. It contains all the APIs provided by K8s. It act as the front-end to the control panel, we access via REST API. Similar to ears in human body, it receive the requests
2. cluster store – All the requests / data stored in cluster store. etcd is the storage unit use by k8s. It is like brain in human body. There is only one cluster store in a master.
3. Controller Manager – It is manager of all the controllers. One controller is there for one item.
Controller never stops. If it stops K8s will be unstable. It runs in the loop. Eg: node controller(will check for nodes), end-point controller. It is like eyes in human body.
4. Kube scheduler – It is always watch api servers and assign work to nodes. It is like mouth in human body. There is only one kube-scheduler in a master.