VMware will continue remote working to promote workplace diversity


VMware has announced it’ll continue allowing employees to work from home to promote inclusion and help the environment.

As part of its Future of Work initiative, VMware staff will continue to choose to work from home or in the office. Rich Lang, senior vice president of human resources, said staff members would be able to choose permanent remote work, “flexible” working, working near a VMware office, or working full-time from a VMware office.

Employees can work from any location that accelerates their productivity and advances their personal and professional goals during and after the pandemic,” he added.

Lang said planning for the initiative was well underway before COVID-19 and the pandemic accelerated efforts.

“As our employees demonstrated throughout the pandemic, work location does not dictate success. The choice and flexibility that form the cornerstones of this new distributed workforce model mirror the choice and flexibility we provide to our customers,” he said.

He said the company has discovered that most people prefer to do focused work at home or outside of the office. In contrast, campus offices are better suited for collaboration and community. This has led the company to base its Future of Work program around three things.

The first is to build up a diverse team with access to the resources and support they need to be productive in whichever work environment they choose. These resources and support will include expanded benefits and well-being programs, and reimbursements for home office equipment.

The second will see workplaces become collaboration hubs to tackle climate issues by decreasing the need to come into an office every day.

“Removing the need to commute to an office and reducing carbon emissions in our day-to-day operations has significant impact on our sustainability commitments. This means moving from spaces that prioritize individual work to environments that foster teamwork, innovation, and experiences,” said Lang.

The third idea is to increase diversity and inclusion by decreasing the need for staff to relocate or travel.

“We are leveling the playing field and ensuring equity and inclusion of all employees by providing every employee equal access to support systems, regardless of where they may choose to work,” said Lang.

Lang added that emerging technologies, like augmented reality and virtual reality, will play a key role in bridging distances and shaping a more dynamic and creative workforce.

“Accessibility to a broader talent pool and flexible work will shape a more diverse VMware and help achieve net-zero carbon emissions for operations,” said Lang.


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