VMware Security Connect Focused on Redefining Security, Increasing Threats


VMWARE SECURITY CONNECT — A new VMware security report shows a lack of urgency among security professionals despite the ongoing surge in material breaches.

The global security insights report was released during Thursday’s VMware Security Connect 2021. The report is based on an online survey of more than 3,500 CIOs, CTOs and CISOs in December 2020 from across the globe.

VMware also unveiled a new collaboration with Zoom.

The theme of Security Connect 2021 is redefining security. VMware’s vision is to make security simpler, faster and smarter. About 90% of VMware’s business transacts with partners.

More Opportunity for VMware Partners
Patrick Morley is senior vice president and general manager of VMware’s security business unit. He said the company’s partners play a significant role in redefining security.

There’s an opportunity for our partners to get engaged with the whole portfolio that we’re talking about,” he said. “And what we’ve seen is that you had a traditional group of partners that were very security-focused, and then you had broader-based business partners out there who are providing products and services to companies across the whole IT spectrum. Those organizations are all doing security now. VMware’s ability to partner with them, and to give them more products and capabilities to help their customers, is part of the strategy.”

One of the important communities that VMware services on the partner side is incident responders, Morley said.

“We have hundreds of incident responders that use our technologies to help go in and deal with breaches,” he said. “Back to the complexity and what we’re seeing right now, last quarter we saw a 100% increase in the number of breaches that our partners are involved in. That’s 100% on a quarter-over-quarter basis. We’ve never seen that. So security is so important right now for partners.”

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