TIBCO adds support for Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services


TIBCO Software has added Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services support for TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science.

TIBCO’s solutions extend existing services to analyse multivariate anomalies and add root cause analysis, using input from the Key Phrase Extraction cognitive skill to render decisions and automate actions like anomaly detection, the company states.

With visual analytics and data science services, sensor data and log data can be analysed at the edge. According to TIBCO this includes the ability to detect anomalies within reams of data and alert case managers to take preventive actions.

In use cases where internet connectivity is unavailable and clients need to process data in real time this is particularly useful.

TIBCO states its aim is to deliver advanced cognitive services on Microsoft Azure to joint customers, leveraging artificial intelligence at the edge and in containers for responsive analytics.

According to the company, the big benefits of added cognitive services are improved operational efficiency and lower equipment costs, TIBCO states.

Existing customers using Spotfire within their IoT environments cite ease of use and the ability to scale as key differentiators for their business, TIBCO states.

For instance, the company cites an education institution specialising in healthcare saw a drop of 74% in onsite surgical infections as a result of making predictive decisions directly in operating rooms.

In addition, a manufacturing business in the semiconductor industry has used digital twins and model operations to detect geospatial anomalies within wafer maps and uncover millions in cost savings.

TIBCO chief operation officer Matt Quinn says, “Increasingly, customers performing predictive maintenance must look for ways to leverage AI closer to where their data is generated for timely analytics and responses.

“TIBCO’s approach to visual AI, analytics, and ML integrates well with Microsoft Azure AI and Cognitive Services. In particular, Microsoft’s Python APIs are easily invoked from the TIBCO analytics offerings, giving our customers flexibility for AI core and edge scenarios, online and offline.

“The addition of Azure AI gives our customers flexibility and breadth of choice when using TIBCO Data Science with machine learning capabilities.”

Microsoft director of Azure Marketing Bharat Sandhu says, “TIBCO has a strong track record of delivering advanced analytics and data science solutions.

“TIBCO has leveraged the power of Azure Cognitive Services to give customers even greater flexibility when deploying AI solutions – from performing equipment asset management and analysing functionality, to identifying anomalous data points and alerting a case manager.”

According to TIBCO, this latest announcement shows the developing relationship the company has with Microsoft, and a growing focus on delivering solutions to organisations looking to accelerate their digital business transformation.

TIBCO Software is a global company specialising in enterprise data, working with customers to connect, unify, and predict business outcomes, with the aim of easing data-driven challenges.

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