This Microsoft Azure training is just $30 today


Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud computing platform in today’s business world, and it looks like it might even become the cloud solution to help the space industry with projects on and off this planet. While time will tell if Microsoft’s competitors attempt to do the same, it’s clear that learning how to work with Azure on earth in 2020 is a helpful set of skills.

You can save hundreds on The Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle, which includes six detailed eBooks and four educational video courses that teach you everything you need to know about working with Azure.

This bundle quickly catches you up to speed on everything Azure with six eBooks and more than 15 hours of video instruction. That means you learn Azure’s fundamentals, discover how to work with its advanced features and understand how to help companies, both small and large, make the most of this cloud computing platform. Throughout the bundle, you get guidance on building Azure solutions, learn how to use PowerShell to initiate and execute daily Azure tasks, implement DevOps with Azure and more.

Included materials:

Implementing Azure Solutions [eBook] ($40 value)

Serverless Integration Design Patterns with Azure [eBook] ($40 value)

Azure Networking Cookbook [eBook] ($28 value)

Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide [eBook] ($24 value)

Migrating Applications to the Cloud with Azure [eBook] ($28)

Mastering Identity & Access Management with Microsoft Azure [eBook] ($48)

DevOps with Azure [Video] ($125 value)

Modernize Node.js Web Apps with Azure App Service [Video] ($125 value)

Azure Platform as a Service, Web & API Application Deployment [Video] ($125)

Azure Cognitive Services for Developers [Video] ($125 value)

Cloud computing drives innovation and business around the world. Learning how to work with a leading cloud solution like Azure gives you tangible skills companies need today. Normally $703, The Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle is on sale for $30, 95% off its original price tag.


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