Things twitter API can provide!

When someone wants to access twitter APIs, they are required to register an application. By default, applications can only access public information on Twitter. Certain endpoints, such as those responsible for sending or receiving Direct Messages, require additional permissions from you before they can access your information. These permissions are not granted by default; you choose on a per-application basis whether to provide this access, and can control all the applications

The Twitter APIs include a wide range of endpoints, which fall into five primary group

Accounts and users

Profile and settings, mute or block users, manage users and followers, request information about an authorized account’s activity, and more.

Tweets and replies

Twitter make public Tweets and replies available to developers, and allow developers to post Tweets via there API

Direct Messages

Twitter Direct Message endpoints provide access to the DM conversations of users who have explicitly granted permission to a specific application


Twitter provide a suite of APIs to let developers, like Sprinklr, help businesses automatically create and manage ad campaigns on Twitter

Publisher tools and SDKs

Twitter provide tools for software developers and publishers to embed Twitter timelines, share buttons, and other Twitter content on webpages