The two European cloud champions, OVHcloud and, have teamed up to offer web developers an integrated PaaS solution


OVHcloud today has announced the European launch of its Web PaaS solution powered by, which facilitates the development of applications and websites.

As a result of the close collaboration between the two European cloud companies, Web PaaS powered by is 100% integrated into OVHcloud’s portfolio of solutions. Both GAIA-X member companies are convinced of the need to build a European cloud alternative and have designed a solution that is 100% hosted in Europe and meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Combining the robustness of OVHcloud infrastructure with the flexibility of technology, the Web PaaS powered by enables easier production and higher security of websites and web applications in an open and reversible cloud. technology is compatible with all market leading web platforms, such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Symfony, and can be used to deploy components written in PHP, Node.js, Python, Go, Rust, .Net or Java.

Web PaaS powered by is integrated into the OVHcloud Control Panel, allowing teams of developers to focus on their projects and coding, using infrastructure managed by OVHcloud. This way, they can develop applications based on their choice of runtime or web service environment, utilising pre-defined templates to get their projects off the ground. With the ability to quickly add vCPUs, additional storage or additional test environments to a production environment, the solution offers agility and is tailored to meet the needs of developers. Continuous deployment is integrated with native features (built-in GitHub, CI/CD, etc.) and accurate role management makes collaboration around web projects more efficient. Every team member – developers, designers, editors – is able to work in parallel on several environments.

The solution is divided into three levels: START, DEVELOP and EXPAND:
• START offer is adapted to freelancers with a one-user licence
• DEVELOP offers 3-5 licences and
• EXPAND (10 licences and above) is designed to meet the needs of larger teams of developers, either based in a web agency or at the advertiser

“We are proud to announce this partnership with, which once again demonstrates the strength and importance of our ecosystem. Data control continues to be a concern for users, and we would like to support the changing needs in PaaS with trusted solutions, without compromising on performance. We are now taking an important step by jointly deploying a solution that is revolutionising the development of web projects – using a public cloud platform that can guarantee that its users have full reversibility of their data. By integrating technology, we are confirming our move towards PaaS and are offering our European customers a solution that combines data sovereignty, simplicity and agility,” explains Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

“We are very excited about this partnership with OVHcloud, firstly because together we’ve built an ambitious, elegant and easy-to-use product. It required a year of collaboration between our teams to design and integrate this common solution, aimed at meeting the needs of the web developer community, who are committed to automation, quality and economic efficiency. Secondly, the PaaS web hosting plan will enable European startups to expand quickly, allowing them to focus on their core products rather than infrastructure management. And finally, because we share our convictions on the importance of offering Europeans a product made in Europe by European companies, providing all the necessary guarantees on compliance with European data and laws,” comments Frédéric Plais, CEO

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