The growing demand and job prospects in the Cloud industry


The public cloud, whether it is platform as a service, infrastructure as a service or software as a service, have all been in the area of growth for over a decade now. The Covid-19 pandemic further hard-pressed the accelerator for this growth by pushing for immediate decisions and actions on the movement towards cloud. Companies are currently investing far more than the traditional IT spending in cloud infrastructure and this is expected to keep growing faster. Very naturally, this led to a high demand for cloud enabled engineers across the globe. More companies are either aggressively rescaling on existing resources or on the lookout for skilled resources in the space. And this demand is only set to grow with time. As per a report from Seen by Indeed, between October 2015 to October 2019, the share of cloud computing jobs, per million, increased by 55 percent and also, it is estimated that India will be set to see more than a million cloud computing job roles by 2022 as per a report by Great Learning.

But then, with this demand also comes the responsibility of understanding what the best ways are to get the right skills or right resources with suitable skills. For the people who are looking at the opportunities in this space, they need to understand what the best skills are that they can have in order to enter this ever-growing industry of cloud with huge number of opportunities.

Some of the things which come along with cloud are not only the technology skills, but companies today recruit and enable people on certain set of technical skills which are required for a resource to be able to be a good cloud engineer. It is also true that most companies are realizing the fact that, with the ever-growing and rapidly changing technologies and cloud environments, the kind of resources that you need to look for or skill for is not only about skilling them on technology but also skilling them on rapid learning. The practice of continuous learning and evolution should become a habit for the resources. So, finding these kind of resources who can skill quickly and understand continuous changes are very much required. Though the demand is there, there Is basically a shortage of this in the present day. So today, companies are actually recruiting and then training resources on these skills and are also ensuring that learning becomes a habit and resources are able to adapt to evolving towards changing technologies in the environment of cloud.

The problem with the industry is that, with the cloud growing, the amount of experienced resources in this space is becoming lower day by day. Most companies are looking at picking up people from infrastructure domain and skilling them on cloud. So, people who are basically into infrastructure and are good with administration of operating systems, web servers and can understand virtualization could be the core people and can benefit from this ever-growing demand of cloud.

In terms of the Indian market space, we project more or less at least 10% of the recruitment demand of the overall recruitment from IT companies is in Cloud and non-IT companies who are in the cloud space will start focusing on recruiting people who are actually cloud enabled and are well versed with either infrastructure or at least understand cloud to certain extent. Colleges and institutes can start adapting a multi cloud culture as most customers today who are using cloud are moving towards hybrid cloud where they use multiple public cloud providers. So, most engineering institutes in the country who usually stick to enabling their students on one specific cloud should very quickly shift their strategy to be able to enable people on multiple public clouds that are available. This is to ensure that the resources are well equipped to handle any of the public cloud offerings that are available in the market today. Or indeed they can at least focus on the top three cloud providers if not all.


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