Terraform Module to create ec2 instance using aws_security_group

Root Module

Using the aws_security_group community module:
Firstly, ensure you have the aws_security_group community module in your configuration (either by cloning or referencing it). Here, I'll just outline a hypothetical usage:

module "aws_security_group" {
  source = "terraform-aws-modules/security-group/aws"

  name        = "sg_name"
  description = "Security Group description"
  vpc_id      = "your_vpc_id"

  # Example rule to allow SSH
  ingress_cidr_blocks = [""]
  ingress_rules       = ["ssh-tcp"]

The specifics of how you use this module might vary based on its actual inputs and your requirements.

Creating a Custom EC2 Module:

Now, let’s write our custom module named devopx that uses the Security Group created above.

Inside a folder named devopx, create the following files:


variable "instance_type" {
  description = "EC2 instance type"
  default     = "t2.micro"

variable "ami" {
  description = "AMI ID for the EC2 instance"

variable "security_group_id" {
  description = "Security Group ID attached to the EC2 instance"


resource "aws_instance" "devopx_instance" {
  ami           = var.ami
  instance_type = var.instance_type

  vpc_security_group_ids = [var.security_group_id]

  tags = {
    Name = "DevOpXInstance"


output "instance_id" {
  description = "ID of the EC2 instance"
  value       = aws_instance.devopx_instance.id

Using the Custom devopx Module:

Back in your main configuration, use your devopx module:

module "devopx_instance" {
  source = "./devopx" 

  ami               = "your_ami_id"
  security_group_id = module.aws_security_group.this_security_group_id

Ensure that your_ami_id is replaced with the correct AMI ID for your EC2 instance.

Apply Configuration:

Run the following commands to initialize and apply your configuration:

terraform init
terraform apply
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