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RESTON, Va., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tellius, the decision intelligence company, today announced that the Tellius platform is available in AWS Marketplace. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now easily try, purchase, and deploy Tellius within their AWS account. Tellius offers the only decision intelligence platform for business and analytics teams to make smarter decisions from their enterprise data using AI-driven Guided Insights.

Tellius’ listing in AWS Marketplace gives organizations a faster way to understand ‘what’ is driving business performance and uncover the reasons ‘why’ metrics change with machine learning automation and enhanced data scalability. Unlike traditional analytics and visualization tools that require analysts to spend hours manually slicing-and-dicing their data to uncover important findings, or data science modeling tools that require advanced expertise to interpret results, the Tellius Guided Insights engine allows business users and data-savvy team members to get instant answers from enterprise data by applying machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis through a simple interface that supports natural language.

“Tellius’ purpose is to accelerate data-driven decision making and make it accessible to every organization,” says Ajay Khanna, Founder and CEO, Tellius. “Offering Tellius in AWS Marketplace simplifies the procurement and deployment process so customers can focus on generating the insights from all their data to give them strategic advantage.”

The Tellius decision intelligence platform provides a modern and intelligent way for business users, data analysts, and data professionals to ask ad hoc questions, perform data analysis, and get up to 10x faster insights from their data from a unique set of capabilities:

Auto-Insights – instantly learn ‘what’ is driving business performance and the reasons ‘why’ metrics are changing by automatically analyzing billions of data points across multiple sources to generate segment, anomaly, comparison, and trend insights
Guided Search – ask questions of their data using a Google-like natural language interface to explore and visualize data without writing code
Data Scalability – built from the ground up to meet the demands of modern data workloads, the distributed in-memory architecture supports data transformation and machine learning automation at scale

About Tellius

Tellius is leading the era of decision intelligence with a Guided Insights platform powered by machine learning so anyone can ask questions in natural language and discover hidden insights from data at scale. Created by a team with deep expertise in big data analytics and automated intelligence, Tellius accelerates data-driven insight and decision making for companies in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and financial services. Connect with us at LinkedIn, Twitter

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