Talend Cloud is Now Available on Microsoft Azure

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zTalend, a provider of cloud data integration and data integrity, is releasing Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure, offering a secure and scalable Integration Platform-as-a-Service for collecting, transforming and cleaning data.

With embedded data quality and native integration performance, Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure delivers the trusted data companies need to make real-time business decisions, accelerate advanced analytics, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.  

Talend Cloud is optimized for Azure and also provides support for multi-cloud and hybrid environments for maximum flexibility.  For organizations, this creates an easier and faster implementation cycle and increases performance and efficiency for data integration. 

As more data is ingested and analyzed in the cloud, Talend Cloud on Azure helps organizations segment customers better, operationalize data science algorithms, and integrate historical and streaming data to respond quickly in real-time to business opportunities and threats.

With Talend Cloud on Azure, new features are supported such as:

  • Broad connectivity for on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments and support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure HDInsight, and many more to take advantage of optimal performance and scale
  • Built-in pervasive data quality to ensure trusted data and regulatory compliance
  • Integration with Azure DevOps and support for CI/CD and serverless for easier scale and improved productivity
  • Governed self-service apps, such as Pipeline Designer, Data Preparation, Data Stewardship, to democratize data and facilitate transition to cloud for data-driven organizations
  • Predictable pricing (user-based) with pay-as-you-go options

“Our strong relationship with Microsoft on Analytics and Azure led to combining our technologies to provide an easier, faster, and seamless experience for companies that want to accelerate their cloud data warehousing and advanced analytics projects,” says Ciaran Dynes, Senior Vice President of Product at Talend. “We’ve built Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure to meet growing demand from companies wanting to process data faster for better insight and customer experiences, using the same budget and skill sets. We are thrilled to work closely with the Azure team to make this offering possible.”

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