Sydney’s CMD Solutions says Tanzu on VMware Cloud for AWS would boost cloud-native adoption


The addition of VMware’s Tanzu application modernisation suite to VMware Cloud on AWS would see more organisations adopting cloud-native apps and provide flexibility, according to CMD Solutions boss Andre Morgan.

Sydney-based CMD is an AWS partner and cloud consultancy that also specialises in application modernisation through containers like Kubernetes. The company is also an accredited VMware Cloud on AWS partner.

Following the recently concluded VMworld 2020, CMD was receptive to the announcement around Tanzu, VMware’s suite of software and services that allow customers to build, run and manage a kubernetes environment from a single control point.

“We’ve been really excited about the VMware Cloud on AWS offering and everything around it so we can service more clients using a combination of VMware and AWS,” Morgan told CRN.

“A lot of our clients are trying to modernise their fleets, and they’re using Kubernetes as part of that strategy, so for me the announcements around Tanzu were the most exciting announcement from VMworld.

VMware recently announced at VMworld 2020 it expanded Tanzu support across VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, as well as a partnership with GitLab.

VMware said the updates provide customers with “fast and more secure ways” to extend workloads to the cloud, while also offering customers a ubiquitous platform for running applications on the infrastructure of their choice.

“Application modernisation is hard work for everyone that’s doing it and it takes a lot of effort, and some clients are going full steam ahead and doing it in a cloud-native way,” Morgan added.

“However not all of them want to embrace it heavily and it makes more sense for them to continue with their familiar skills and experience around the VMware suite of products around VSphere, and actually leverage that but still get the benefits of modernising.”

“And that’s why I’m really excited about the addition of Tanzu to VMware Cloud to AWS, because if that wasn’t around, then many wouldn’t make the jump to could-native.”

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