Start a high-paying IT career with this AWS prep course

This 17-hour training package will help you ace the exam for one of tech’s most coveted credentials.

If you’re interested in either beginning or furthering a career in IT, you’re not alone. More and more people are flocking to this increasingly lucrative field thanks to high salaries, job security, and unparalleled opportunities for advancement—but that means that competition for the best positions in the industry can be fierce.

As one of the world’s leading cloud computing infrastructures, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be found at the heart of countless IT environments around the world, and mastering this platform has become all but a prerequisite for gaining entry to the best and most exciting IT positions around.

The 2020 AWS Big Data Speciality Certification Prep Course will help you become an AWS pro so you can outpace the competition for the most coveted IT positions in a variety of fields, and it’s available for over 85 percent off at just $30.

With 17 hours of training, this extensive bundle will help you build on your existing IT skills in order to help you become a certified, six-figure AWS data specialist.

Unlike most AWS courses that cover only the essentials of this incredibly powerful platform, this prep course takes a far more detailed dive into a variety of AWS services that collect, store, process, and analyze data.

Through 36 lectures, you’ll learn how to work with massive data sets and gain valuable information by working with services like Elastic Map Reduce, Lambda, and Glue—all while preparing to ace the exam for the AWS Big Data certification.

Get a leg up over the competition by taking your IT skills to the next level with the 2020 AWS Big Data Speciality Certification Prep Course for just $30—over 85 percent off MSRP right now.

Prices are subject to change.

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